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Purchase Contest Update February 09th, 2019
Hello Everyone
Purchase contest Update Jurassic Feb.15 Total:$

Thank you

Purchase Contest rules and Prizes February 05th, 2019

Hello Everyone

Purchase Contest Prizes

1st Place 10% of sites income during contest put into your account

2nd Place 8% of sites income during contest put into your account

3rd Place 6% of sites income during contest put into your account

4th Place 4% of sites income during contest put into your account

5th Place 2%  of sites income during contest put into your account

6th Place 4000 link credits put into account

7th Place 3000 Banner credits put into account

8th Place 1000 Feature ad credits put into your account

Overall winners

1st place of purchase contest will receive a yearly membership 

2nd Place will receive 3 month membership of the highest membership

3rd place will receive 1 month starter membership

In case someone uses more then one payment processor the one that has the higher total

spent award money will be sent with that payment processor.In case of tie the prize will be 

split that means if 2 members tie for first placee they will split first and second place money

this is for the months total not overall winners.

Must have $75 in total sale for overall winners to be rewarded

Thank you


Announcement January 06th, 2019
Purchase Contest Started see news on site for rules and prizes
Payment processors are at 10%
memberships 5 days in account.
Post payment proofs on forum under topic payment proof,
Sample provided. New poll started everyone please vote
Bogos at 2 sites and and
This site  has been upgraded to newest version and has membership targeted ads

Purchase Contest Sale January 04th, 2019
Hello Everyone
For all you newcomers there is a big red ad in PTC AND PTR clicks that says
why it says DO NOT CLICK.
Article on forum about what membership targeted ads means to you
Also when you log in you will see a floating window alot of sites have been
upgraded to newest version with membership targeted ads

Payment processors are at 10% discount
memberships 5 extra days 2 sites have Bogos at
and for a very short time
you get bogo no extra time. Changes Sunday Night 2 new sites

The Purchase Contest will have 3 overall prizes see news for prizes and and
terms of sale.Contest will run until March 4. Also we want to lower the wait time
for payments but we need member support for that in other words spend money or
upgrade membership and we will lower the wait time.With the support of membership
we want to get down to pay within 24 hours.or even same day but only with membership support
can this be accomplished.

Thank you

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